The "Radical" Theology of Pope Francis Clarified

photo: AP

In a short time, Pope Francis has turned the Catholic Church and the Christian community on it's head. At a time where many people have lost faith in not only Christianity, but the religion all together, Pope Francis has come around to show the world why we believed in the first place. However, not all is smiles and roses in the religious community. Theologians and old-school gatekeepers are up in arms about how the Pope seems to throwing out all the things which made us Christian in the first place. 

Rest assured, this is NOT the case. Pope Francis isn't throwing out theology, he is restoring it. Throwing out all the junk and fat which has built up around the Church he is, in fact, reviving the value of Christ's teachings. You see, the problem is one of priorities. We have forgotten our core, our very foundation, amidst all the other stuff which formed around it. If you are confused, I have drawn a little chart explaining the difference between "traditional" theology and Pope Francis's "radical" theology:

And by the way, if there are any sanctimonious smart-asses out there saying "No, Christ should be at the center of our theology" you are correct and wrong. We are not debating about putting Christ at the center, we are debating about what putting "Christ" at the center MEANS. For too long putting "Christ" at the center has meant "getting everything doctrinally correct about Christ." Now we say putting Christ at the center means showing the love of Christ to others, according to his greatest commandments.