Litany for a Rich Man

There is little more burdensome to the world than rich people who do not know they are rich. I, myself, have struggled with not being thankful and being blind to my blessings. Being rich isn't about money, it is about personal freedom. Those of us with good health, control of our faculties, and ability to work and learn; we are the rich of this world. We have a responsibility to give thanks and to give back.

Litany for a Rich Man

Thank you, Jesus, for the riches and blessings bestowed upon me

...the ability to walk of my own strength

...the ability to see of my own eyes

...the ability to work with my own hands

...the ability to hear with my own ears

...control of my own thoughts, and awareness of the world around me

...the freedom to choose my path each day

...the health to act

...the capacity to learn

O Jesus, let me not become thankless and blind to my riches because

...there will always be those with more than I have

...there will always be those with power over me

...there will always be things I want

...there will always be struggles for provision

Jesus, open the eyes of my heart that I may

...never hoard possessions

...never be afraid to have less

...see the opportunities to use my riches well

...give wisely of myself to others

...invest my riches in your kingdom

...leave the world better than I found it

...labor with thankfulness, and work with great joy