The Gods are Angry!

The gods are angry!
Oh, what have we done?
Our doom is coming!
There’s nowhere to run!

We sacrificed every virgin, on an altar so high.
Yet the dark clouds are still building, we are going to die.

We killed all the outsiders, who wandered into our tribe.
Yet the earth is still rumbling, the gods rejected our bribe.

We hung all the prophets, and burned all the books in fire.
Yet the volcano still rages, our future still dire.

We locked up the criminals, and punished all the sinners.
Yet the crops are still barren, we remain the offenders.

We spent all of our gold, building temples and tall statues.
Yet our people are starving, our people the gods abuse.

We conquered the heathens, only our righteous tribe remains.
Yet our flesh is still boiling, there is no rest from our pain.

The gods are angry!
Oh, what have we done?