A Prayer for Divine Discontentment

My Father in Heaven,

When I am discouraged, reveal how far I have come

When I am comfortable, convict me to press forward

When I am weak, bring attention to your sovereignty  

When I am strong, expose my weaknesses

When I am tired, let me rest in your grace

When I am restless, light the path before me

When I am impatient, give me a Spirit of peace

When I am complacent, stir in me a love for others

Help me learn to live that I might always be…
...at least a little hungry
...at least a little thirsty
...at least a little tired
...at least a little hurt
...at least a little uncomfortable,

for then I might not take too much, nor deprive myself too severely

Let me learn to run at such a pace to finish, and not quit

Let me not stop, nor grow too weary

Let me walk with you, Jesus...

Divinely Discontent